Miradi – Adaptive Management Software for Conservation Projects


Overview of Miradi’s Features

Miradi is designed to provide project teams with the essential features that they need to design, manage, monitor, and learn from their conservation projects in other words, to practice good adaptive management. Currently, most conservation practitioners go through the adaptive management process either using pen and paper, or by cobbling together functions from a wide range of programs including flowcharting, mapping, project planning, spreadsheet, accounting, and other software packages. Miradi takes the right functions from each of these different kinds of programs and bundles them together in one easy-to-use integrated package.

ETI can help you apply Miradi in your conservation project.

Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation

Open Standards

The biodiversity conservation community is tackling large, complex, and urgent environmental problems where the stakes are high. However, we don’t have a fully functional system to assess the effectiveness of our actions. Without more rigorous measurement of effectiveness and disciplined recording of our efforts, we cannot know or demonstrate that we are achieving desired results.

With this in mind, the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) has worked over the past decade to combine principles and best practices in adaptive management and results-based management from conservation and other fields to create the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation. The Open Standards bring together common concepts, approaches, and terminology in conservation project design, management, and monitoring in order to help practitioners improve the practice of conservation.