Whidbey’s Water Future In a Changing Climate

As seas rise and rainfall patterns change, will there be enough drinking water to support our current needs and accommodate future growth?

Sea level rise projections are estimating around two feet of sea level rise by 2050, making a flood like that in December 2022 a regular occurrence, placing some of our shoreline communities underwater and some wells unusable due to sea water intrusion. How will this affect water availability and use?

Rainfall patterns are predicted to change over the same period, with more intense rainfall in the winter and hotter, drier summers. How will this affect aquifer recharge and irrigation needs?

At the same time, the county is preparing for an additional 15,000 residents. Where will they live, and will there be enough drinking water? Continue reading Whidbey’s Water Future In a Changing Climate

Water for Agriculture

Water for Agriculture — South Whidbey Tilth John Lovie presented information and considerations about water for agriculture on Whidbey Island at the South Whidbey Tilth Annual Meeting on January 21, 2024. You can see a video recording of his presentation here, and get a PDF of the accompanying slides, here. John Lovie is a leader in the world of water quality and marine resource conservation. He has been an avid volunteer, dedicating countless hours as part of community science organizations and community-driven boards to improve the water quality, coastal resources and health of Island County. In 2023 he was awarded … Continue reading Water for Agriculture