Drinking in the View


Whidbey Life Magazine Contributor

Drinking in the View

On the island, water can seem mesmerizingly ubiquitous. We drink in the view from every possible angle. But drinking in the aqueous view can deceive us. Despite the water that stretches to the horizon in every direction, we actually have a limited supply of fresh drinking water, and that supply is intimately related to our habits—from where we build our homes to how our excretes percolate through the soil and reenter the groundwater. Because residents like to inch up to the Island’s shores to get the best view, and because seas are rising due to climate change, our aquifers are increasingly threatened by saltwater intrusion.

Wetlands as critical filters for water seeping back into the aquifer. (Photo by Jamie Whitaker)

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Thanks to John Lovie for his assistance in preparing this article.